Nothing is “off-the-shelf”
Whether you are a commodity producer seeking to finance pre-shipment production costs, a physical commodity trader in need of trade flow capital, or an aggregator in need of inventory finance solutions. Straits Trade Solutions wants to work for you.

Straits Trade Solutions

Offered through Straits (USA) Inc., Straits Trade Solutions (“STS”) provides scalable short-term financing with repeatable transaction cycles of exchange-cleared and other physical commodity products. The goal is to provide non-correlated credit solutions to the commodity industry to strengthen cash flows and operating margins.

STS has the experience to assist multiple participants along the supply chain. This includes producers, manufacturers, co-ops, merchandisers, traders, importers, exporters and other end-use operators. We support borrowers in need of:

  • Traditional and non-traditional sources of funding and capital
  • Structured and transactional trade finance
  • Physical inventory monetization
  • Risk mitigation management
  • What products are available for finance?

  • How much will STS fund?

  • How long is the typical financing cycle?

What We Do:
  • We work with clients to arrange the funding and monetization of fungible inventories and cargoes of both exchange-traded, and non-exchange deliverable, physical commodities.
  • Our funding sources for these commercial transactions include private equity, hedge funds, and traditional international trade finance institutions.
  • Attractive financing terms are available. Adds cash flow to your balance sheet instead of increased debt.
  • Our objective is not to replace a client’s current lending or financial relationships. Instead, through the third-party financing of inventory the financial strength of the client will improve. They will be able to manage their cash flow and inventory better and grow their business more rapidly.
Pre Funding Requirements:

As part of our vetting process prior to matching a funding source STS will:
  • Perform due diligence on the financial history and ownership structure of the borrower and the counterparties involved with the trade.
  • Review a customer’s financing objectives, and identify opportunities to use the customer’s product for financing collateral.
  • Short term, scalable, and repeatable transactional cycles.
Summary of Benefits:

Straits Trade Solutions allow the client to:

  • Manage their cash flow better and strengthen their balance sheet while mitigating risk.
  • Expand their sources of capital beyond traditional banking relationships.
  • Turn inventory into cash for expansion and market share growth.
  • Gain access to expedited and repeatable credit solutions.

Sound Good?
We think so !!!

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