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As a trusted partner for commercial clients, we place our knowledge, experience, technology, and capital to work, providing robust risk solutions in complex financial markets across all commodity classes ranging from agriculture, energy, to metals. By reducing the price risk, we help our clients take advantage of opportunities and improve their bottom line. With our current commercial hedging and risk management solutions, we aim to help our commercial clients to take advantage of opportunities and achieve their goals.


We can also help you manage your input costs and hedge your exposures to price volatility in the commodity markets. In addition, we provide advisory on OTC product strategies designed to protect commercial clients with unique needs from adverse risk exposure. At Straits Financial, we provide our commercial clients with on-the-ground expertise, marketing strategies, powerful margin tracking tools tailored to their business goals and risk tolerance.

Straits Financial provide advisory on OTC product strategies designed to protect commercial clients

Asset  Managers

With our industry leading platform, we provide global access, unparalleled insight and advanced expertise to help our institutional clients meet their financial goals. Clients will have access to sales and trading expertise in fixed income and futures, extensive capital markets services, and robust multi-asset clearing and custody solutions.


We aim to provide superior services such as cutting-edge technology, best-in-class risk management solutions and round-the-clock customer support to our institutional clients such as asset managers, hedge funds, family offices, professional traders, and financial institutions. Our institutional execution desk is staffed 24 hours per day throughout the trading week. You can count on us to leverage on our experienced execution desk to deliver best-in-class bespoke services for your trading needs.


We believe that transparency, education, and good communication create long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Straits Financial Asset Manager Clients

Introducing Brokers

We offer a holistic suite of trading, clearing, and system solutions to our Introducing Brokers. At Straits Financial, we will be able to help you efficiently manage your business and better serve clients. We place utmost importance on providing non-conflicted and seamless access to the financial markets, alongside unique market insights and trading strategies.


We provide strategic and world-class partnerships with our Introducing Brokers across the globe in order to have unparalleled access to exchanges worldwide and access a variety of financial products. By leveraging on our current global Straits network, we aim to provide seamless market access, dedicated support, and opportunities to our Introducing Brokers in the marketplace in support of their business growth.

Straits Financial Introducing Brokers Clients offer trading, clearing and systems solution to our Introducing Brokers.

Self-directed Traders

Seize opportunities in the global markets with our institutional grade offerings and trade like a professional. We offer access to equities, FX and futures products to individual traders worldwide. For individual traders like yourself, we offer a variety of self-executed platforms, each presenting their own unique features to cater to your trading needs.


On top of the 24-hour trade desk support, you will also enjoy unlimited access to current and historical account statements, as well as trading tools such as quotes, charts, and research reports. In addition, we offer a wide variety of features on our proprietary platforms for individual traders to trade like a pro from anywhere such as monitoring of markets, adjusting of positions, receiving real-time streaming data and analysis, market news at one glance, low latency, lightning-fast price quotes, placing of orders, add or withdraw funds with both desktop and mobile options.


All the features of our platforms will put you in complete control of your own trading experience.  

Straits Financial Self-Directed Traders Clients offer access to equities, FX and futures products

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