Futures Fund

Straits Financial Premier (US Feeder) Fund I, L.P. 
Straits Financial Premier (Offshore Feeder) Fund I, Ltd.

Straits Financial Fund Management LLC's Funds are registered with the National Futures Association and is a licensed Commodity Pool Operator.  Its first offerings are Straits Financial Premier (US Feeder) Fund I and Straits Financial Premier (Offshore Feeder) Fund I, professionally managed Futures Funds designed to meet the investment objectives of U.S. and Offshore Institutional and Accredited Investors.

Offered in smaller investing amounts, the Funds permit investor participation in alternative investment strategies, a recognized component of diversified and balanced investment portfolios. The program is uncorrelated to Equities, Bonds or other Alternative Investments and allows exposure to liquid, transparent markets with an experienced Trading Advisor.


SFFM has selected Dunn Capital Management, LLC to conduct trading on behalf of the Straits Financial Premier (US Feeder) Fund I and Straits Financial Premier (Offshore Feeder) Fund I.  An investment in the Fund allows accredited investor's access to Dunn's World Monetary and Agriculture (WMA) Program at lower minimum investment than is available by a direct investment in an individually managed account.


WMA is a 100% systematic medium to long-term trend following program, encompassing a
portfolio of financial, energy, metal and agricultural futures markets.  The investment
objective of Dunn's WMA Program is to extract profits from up and down trends, resulting
in a return stream that exhibits very low correlation with traditional asset classes.


Participating in one of the Funds may offer the following advantages: 

Portfolio diversification—the ability to diversify a traditional portfolio by adding futures, professionally managed by a registered Commodity Trading Advisor. Unlike many traditional investments, futures has the potential to profit in both rising and falling markets and are non-correlated to other traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, and real estate.

Limited liability—unlike an individual who invests directly in futures and commodities, an investor in the fund is not individually subjected to margin calls and cannot lose more than the amount of the original investment and its profits.

Negotiating power—Compared to an investor's individual investment, Straits Financial Fund Management does the work for you and has the power to negotiate reduced commission rates, management and incentive fees, and execution rates for the Fund.

Administrative convenience—the Fund partner structure is designed to make it easier to invest and handle administrative paper work including tax information relating to the investment.

To learn more about Straits Financial Premier Fund I, its offering memorandum and additional information about Dunn Capital’s World Monetary & Agricultural program, please visit us at www.straitsffm.com

You can also reach us at 312-846-5660 or at info@straitsffm.com.