LW Division

Straits Financial LLC has hired a group of former MF Global Lind-Waldock division employees. These employees include key former Managers and Trade Desk Supervisors, as well as support staff. The group will be branded as LW Division, for the purpose of reuniting the family of customers and staff, along with a true commitment to bringing together as many as possible. Straits Financial believes these key employees were the most effective , professional, and competent group of employees within the Lind-Waldock division.

Straits intends to use the core group to build a retail trading division where customers may enter their orders online, or call a trade desk for the best possible personalized execution in the country. We believe there is a strong need for a retail operation whereby customers are not charged a desk fee to telephone orders, and will not be charged inactivity fees. In addition, these clients will not be pestered by high commission brokers with the intent of being “upsold”. These clients will speak to the same group of people daily, as they may have for many years. People who trade online will have access to current technology and trading tools.

This type of personal service has been lost over the years as electronic trading has taken over the marketplace, and we intend to bring it back to the community.


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This group can be reached at 
888 617-1329.