Structured Products

Let us help you put up a defense against conditional markets.

Let the Straits Structured Product Division help you create professional risk management strategies that are tailored to meet your requirements. Our unique offering uses OTC like products to create hedging portfolios specific to your needs. Our initial offerings are Energy and Fertilizer, with Metals, Grains, and Oilseeds coming soon.

As Straits continues to expand its offerings, we believe this product will help you create the tools necessary to manage market volatility and control price risk.

Commercial hedging groups we serve include:




Ag and Fuel Cooperatives Commercial Farmers Metal Dealers
Oil Refiners & Processors Ethanol Producers Suppliers 
Fuel Distributors Feed Manufacturers Producers 
Crude Oil & Natural Gas Producers Grain & Livestock Producers Merchants 

We want clients to have products that allow them to meet their hedging goals. Our team will assist in creating additional choices to give you a meaningful alternative to some of the basic hedging strategies usually employed. We watch these strategies and will assist in re-balancing should the market or your needs change.

Structured Products Trade Flow

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