PATS Pro-Mark 

Advanced futures trading software




Pro-Mark is a premium front-end available for Professional Traders. It was developed to meet the needs of serious traders - those whose business is high volume, high value, cross-market, complex and intensive.

Pro-Mark is the ideal trading tool for brokers; traders in proprietary houses, investment banks and other financial institutions; as well as committed independents who want the highest levels of speed and power.

Pro-Mark makes a virtue of speed at all levels: Speed of navigation and order entry; speed of cancellation, amendment, fill receipt, throughput and handling. Pro-Mark supports a wide range of order types and strategies and includes unique and innovative tools that provide detailed market knowledge.

Pro-Mark Features Include:
-Reflector (Depth of Market)
-Live Quotes Screen
-Options Trading Screen
-Strategy Manager
-Prism (Auto Spreading Tool)
-Excel Integration


For more information about PATS Pro-Mark, please contact your broker or Electronic Trading Solutions Representative at or give us a call at +1.312.670.2822.