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Asia Commodity Marketplace/Exchange for physical commodities and commodity repo, trade repository and clearing

Disrupting Commodity Markets through Distribution and Differentiation

The Asia Commodity Marketplace (“ACM”) is a registered commodity auction marketplace licensed by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade in 2016 and regulated by BAPPEBTI, (Badan Pengawas Perdagangan Berjangka Komoditi). ACM stands at the forefront of the Indonesian commodity industry, bringing efficiency and transparency to domestic and global market participants through an extensive distribution network.

Alongside our wholly owned subsidiary, Asia Commodity Clearing House (ACCH), we enable market participants to transact securely and efficiently across a wide range of commodities. ACCH acts as the central counterparty to every trade, reducing counterparty risk and enabling participation from different segments of the financial markets. ACCH maintains a robust risk management framework that adheres to global standards. 

ACM has a diverse range of products and contracts across many commodities, providing traders on our platform with the means to manage price risks as well as the ability to express their views of the markets. Committed to educating market participants, ACM enables all levels of traders to participate on our platforms.

ACM is a  commodity auction marketplace licensed by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade in 2016  regulated by BAPPEPTI

Physical Commodities

Trade with Asia's Foremost Commodity Marketplace. Experience secure and efficient transactions in physical commodities and commodity repos through our centrally cleared platform.

Unleashing Market Opportunities through ACM

Commodity Repurchase Agreement (Repo)

Participate in ACM's innovative and world leading Cleared Commodity Repurchase Agreements (Repo) where market participants can trade in a cleared exchange environment, bringing integrity and transparency to the commodity repo markets.

Commodity Derivatives

ACM offers commodity derivative contracts that are designed to encourage the price discovery of underlying commodities, ensuring alignment with physical commodity markets and fulfilling the needs of market participants.

Structured Products

Structured products that enable market participants to express their views of the markets, allowing them to achieve their market objectives in bullish, bearish, and ranging market environments.

Trade Repository

Trade repository services that allow trading venues to register and clear their trades with Asia Commodity Clearing House, enabling compliance with regulatory requirements or providing counterparty risk management in clearing services.

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