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OTC broking

Straits Financial is a regulated Inter-Dealer Broker (IDB). We provide intermediary services to enable best transactions between buy and sell sides for both OTC and exchange-cleared products. We provide both standardized and bilateral agreements, with a strong focus on OTC Swaps across a suite of products ranging from bulk commodities, energy markets to forward freight agreements.
Straits Financial is a regulated Inter-Dealer Broker (IDB)

Specialised OTC Desk Services

Traditional bilaterally traded over-the-counter (OTC) products have moved onto the exchanges and clearing houses for central-clearing and risk management. OTC-cleared contracts have become a new hybrid of standardized products offered by global futures exchanges.

Utilizing our broad market connectivity, we match buyers and sellers on an agency basis. We are connected to most of the world’s exchanges. Utilising our specialist teams gives you access to some of the most respected and experienced brokers in their field. Whether you are a professional investor or single-product producer, executing with SF puts you in expert hands.

Straits Financial as a OTC broker offers specialised OTC Trading Platform Desk Services 24 hours

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